Top 5 Most Popular User-Friendly Carpet Types

The carpet is a popular household decorative item and is usually constructed from wool, nylon, polypropylene or polyester. While these textile products are designed to be robust enough to withstand generations of use, certain carpet materials are much more difficult to clean and maintain as opposed to other carpet types.

Read on as we reveal the eight most common types of household carpets used in modern homes!

Number One: Plush Carpets

A plush carpet can be identified by the uniform weave of nylon that is luxuriously smooth and dense which looks very much like grass. Plush carpets are popular as it is widely available and comes in a wide variety of solid colours. This carpet type is especially popular with children as the denseness of the carpet surface cushions the weight of the user evenly, thereby allowing anyone to fall asleep on the carpet and not suffer from joint aches.

Plush carpets are also stain and soil resistant, which means that coffee and wine spills on your plush carpet is easily cleansed away. You won’t have to break a sweat either every time your kid or household pets treks dirt through your plush carpet either, as grime does not adhere to the fibres of the carpet, either. To maintain your plus carpet, all you need to do is vacuum every once in awhile.

How to Clean: Plush carpets should be vacuumed on a daily basis and should be dry cleaned at least twice a year by professional carpet cleaning service. New stains on plush carpets should be wiped away with a sponge dipped in cold water whereas an older stain might require potent liquid detergent. If your plush carpet is white or nude coloured, you should also stock up on bleach to perform an undiluted bleach rinse on the carpet.

Number Two: Textured Plush Carpets

One of the biggest problems with plush carpets though is that it tends to have a lifespan of only five years as foot prints and vacuum marks will be pretty visible after that. The textured plush carpet solves this problem due to its varying tuft heights. The textured plush carpet also usually uses more than one colour of yarn, which then opens up the user to other carpet pattern options as well.

In terms of cost, textured plush carpets are also of the same pricing with regular plush carpets and are just as easy to clean as well.

How to Clean: Regular vacuuming and annual carpet shampooing by professionals will be enough to extend the lifespan of the carpet.

Number Three: Frieze Carpets

Did you know 70% of Minnesota households are furbished with Frieze carpets? The Frieze carpet is easily identified due its twisty, shaggy surface which can look either casual or elegant, depending on the tightness of the loop. Amazingly enough, the loops of the Frieze carpets do not crush, matt or tangle together even after ten years of usage!

Frieze Carpets are usually constructed from nylon fibres for a softer feel and is usually found in solid or dual-tone colours to create a textured, three-dimensional effect. Like the textured plush carpet, Frieze carpets also hide footprints and vacuum marks well. Unfortunately, the Frieze carpet also does a good job of concealing and trapping dirt in its tangles, which is why it is important to regularly maintain this carpet type.

How to Clean: Run a vacuum over your carpet at least three times before using a carpet rake to loosen the dirt from the carpet’s tangles. You should then vacuum your carpet once more to sweep up the remaining dirt caught in the carpet. It is highly recommended that you get your carpet professionally washed at least once a year to maintain the integrity and hygiene of your Frieze carpet.

Number Four: Sculptured Carpets

The sculptured carpet is basically a mishmash of low and high pile fibres that have been sculptured together to create a three-dimensional image. Sculptured carpets are usually one-toned, which makes it easy to match with the other adornments in the room.

While most carpet owners fear that the uneven loops in the sculptured carpet will succumb to wear and tear pretty quickly, the truth is that the surface of a carpet will wear out evenly, regardless of the number of high loops and low loops you have in your carpet design.

How to Clean: Despite its complexity, the sculptured carpet should be cleaned just like any other plush or textured carpet. Regular vacuuming, spot cleaning and carpet steaming would be sufficient to prolong the lifespan of your carpet.

Number Five: Saxony Carpets

The Saxony carpet is the most luxurious carpet in our list due to its smooth, velvet-like finishing. This carpet design consists of densely woven loops that are stain-resistant. The drawback to the Saxony carpet though is that it is designed to have a deeper pile, and hence can better absorb dirt and grime. Like the plush carpet, Saxony carpets will also easily reveal footprints as well, which might be annoying for those of us who like even carpet surfaces.

How to Clean: The Saxony carpet should be regularly vacuumed, but if you would like to create a perfectly even finish, avoid vacuuming one spot for too long. The Saxony carpet is also thicker relative to the other types of carpets, which is why we recommend professional carpet cleaning services at least twice a year for the sake of hygiene.

Maintenance, Maintenance, Maintenance

Carpet Type

Cleaning Difficulty

(Score of 1 Indicating Low Maintenance, Score of 10 indicating High Maintenance)

Plush Carpets


Textured Plush Carpets


Frieze Carpets


Sculptured Carpets


Saxony Carpets


Table 1.0: Tabulation of Carpet Cleaning Difficulty

Some carpets are difficult to clean not because of its pattern, but because of the material used in constructing said carpet. For example, carpets made from Olefin fibre tend to absorb oil, which makes it much more prone to dirt attraction and old stains. On the other hand, other carpets might be placed in high-traffic areas such as staircases, which would make it even more challenging to maintain in terms of cleanliness.

To achieve zero residue carpet cleaning, we recommend that you always have your carpet looked at by professional carpet cleaners at least once a year to extend the lifespan of your carpet and for hygiene reasons.

Besides regular carpet shampooing and dry carpet cleaning, there are also other carpet accessories which you might be interested in, such as the addition of a carpet underlay to promote better insulation and noise padding as well. An underlay can also protect the structural integrity of your carpet too, regardless of whichever type of carpet you choose.


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