EPA Carpet Cleaning Frequency Guidelines

As carpet cleaners in Atlanta, we are often asked the question “How often do I need to have my carpet cleaned to keep my indoor air quality up to par?” We have been in business here in Atlanta for over twenty years, and we have built our business through honest communication with our customers. When we are asked to respond to questions about the recommended carpet cleaning frequency, we don’t guess or tell you that you need to have your carpet cleaned more often that you really need to. We simply refer to the Environmental Protection Agency’s guidelines.


According to the EPA, recommended carpet cleaning frequency varies depending on the type of building involved, how many people are typically inside, whether or not they smoke or have pets, what the outdoor conditions are, and what the building is being used for. The chart below spells out the EPA’s recommendations for carpet cleaning frequency.

The EPA states that extraction cleaning methods are the most effective for removing soil from carpets, and Atlanta Carpet Cleaning specializes in the expert implementation of extraction cleaning methodologies. Take a look at the EPA guidelines for carpet cleaning frequency, and if your time has come, give us a call at (404) 509-8591 and we will be glad to get you on a regular carpet cleaning schedule.

Source: EPA


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