Carpet Cleaning Service Overview

Spill wine on your carpet? Experience water damage in a recent flood? Or, maybe you’re just tired of looking at that worn and dingy spot by the doorway where people have tracked in mud? There are a million reasons why you might want to hire carpet cleaning service providers to remove troublesome stains and restore the life of your carpet. But what you might not be sure about is what these companies can do that you can’t just do on your own with some time and good old-fashioned elbow grease?

What Does Carpet Cleaning Involve?

Depending on the kind of staining or damage to the carpet, the carpet cleaning services will vary. For the most part, shampooing is involved. If using a wet shampoo, it’s applied to the carpet using a machine that agitates it into the fibers. The shampoo is allowed to set, then its removed using a vacuum. A similar approach is used when dry foam shampoo is used. This dry material is sprinkled all over the carpet then a machine is run over the surface to encourage a deep cleaning. Again, the foam is vacuumed away after a time.

Bonnet cleaning is another carpet cleaning method used by professionals. It involves using a bonnet machine to apply a shampoo-like substance that once dry, leaves no residue behind. It’s a convenient way to clean an entire room, especially large offices, in a single pass.

Yet another method of carpet cleaning is steam cleaning. This, as its name suggests, uses the power of steam to release dirt and ground in materials from carpet fibers so they can be vacuumed up.

Though these services generally apply to standard carpets that cover the span of an entire room, they can also be used on area rugs. Just about any fiber can be cleaned using one of these methods, so if you have a large area rug that’s been subject to staining or general wear and tear, you can get it looking new, too. Fabrics and rug styles that can be cleaned include wool, Persian, oriental, Berber, houndstooth, and more. Even antique rugs can be cleaned, so long as extra care is applied in the process.

Additionally, some carpet cleaning services can be applied to upholstery. It wouldn’t be right to have a pristine carpet and stained and unattractive upholstery, now would it? These services can be applied to just about anything made of fabric including mattresses, sofas, chairs, and pillows, to name a few.

What If I Have a Really Tough Stain?

Tough stains are those that can’t be removed using standard carpet cleaning methods. So, the big bulky shampooers won’t cut it here. Instead, a much more precise action must be taken involving stain removers. These smaller machines apply focused agitation onto the stain. Much stronger cleansers are used to break apart stains and several treatments may be needed until it is fully removed. Wine, pet stains, and mildew are common reasons to have stain removal treatments performed. The carpet can be treated with Scotch Guard as well to prevent future staining. Likewise, deodorizing gives your entire room a clean fresh scent and can act as the finishing touch on a thorough carpet cleaning.

What If the Stain Won’t Come Out?

Should a stain fail to come out or you think the carpet is beyond cleaning, you may need to have it repaired. This could involve replacing sections of the carpet through patching or repairing holes and tears. A new binding could be placed on the back or you might need to have the carpet restretched to ensure it possesses the proper fit for the room. If the stain has seeped through the carpet onto the carpet padding, that may need to be replaced as well. In some cases, you may require a brand new carpet installation when the old one is beyond saving.

Dealing With Special Situations Like Flood Damage

Carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning can do more than remove unsightly stains. They can also improve your health and quality of living. Don’t believe it? Think of cases where residential and commercial spaces have experienced significant water damage either after a flood or a burst pipe. This requires significant cleanup using heavy-duty machinery. First, the water is pumped out of the carpet using a truck-mounted vacuum system. Then the entire building is allowed to air out to prevent mold growth. The air is tested to see if it is suitable for people to be around. Should mold, mildew, or other toxic contaminants be detected, the space will be cleaned and the mold removed. If need be, the carpeting will be removed and a new carpet installed.

Whether you need carpet cleaning for residential, office, or commercial locations, you can find the services you need easily. Just be sure to review the project estimate before signing on the dotted line.

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