Carpet Cleaning Service Overview

Spill wine on your carpet? Experience water damage in a recent flood? Or, maybe you’re just tired of looking at that worn and dingy spot by the doorway where people have tracked in mud? There are a million reasons why you might want to hire carpet cleaning service providers to remove troublesome stains and restore […]

Top 5 Most Popular User-Friendly Carpet Types

The carpet is a popular household decorative item and is usually constructed from wool, nylon, polypropylene or polyester. While these textile products are designed to be robust enough to withstand generations of use, certain carpet materials are much more difficult to clean and maintain as opposed to other carpet types. Read on as we reveal […]

Carpet Stretching Primer

Is your carpet wrinkling? Wrinkles can form under your carpet due to several reasons, such as poor carpet installation and water damage. Carpets that have been installed for many years can also start to crinkle simply due to wear and tear as well. This means that if you are or intend to be a carpet […]

The Best Way to Dry a Flooded Carpet

The best news is that rescuing a flooded carpet is highly regarded as one of the messiest household jobs any decent home owner would have to brave through, especially if he or she owns property near a flood-prone area. As a matter of fact, drying out soaked carpets are ranked to be as troublesome as […]